What is word processing? We use documents in our daily lives, whether they are related to our professional or personal lives, depending on our requirements. We are constantly adding words to these texts.

Sometimes we make changes in large parts of them and do formatting them in bold letters and other types to give effect in a few words as per requirement.

The software we use for the creation, transformation, and formatting of these documents on a computer is called word processing software.

What is Word Processing?

Word processing is the use of a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or OpenOffice Writer to create a document.

For example, a student might create a book in a word processor application. Then the student can print it, save it to disk, display it on the screen, or send it over email.

Also, a person looking for a job can create a resume using a word processor, then email or print it and mail it to job recruiters.

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What is Word Processor?

A word processor is a type of software application used for composing, editing, formatting, and printing documents. Word processors have a variety of uses and applications in business environments, at home, and in educational contexts.

With the help of a word processor, you can create very high-quality documents in less time. With its help, you can easily prepare any type of document such as a Resume, Letters, Projects, Assignments, Flyers, Certificates, etc.

Word processor is one of the most used software at present. In today’s time, Microsoft Windows operating system is found in most computers.

As a word processor, most of the major software of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Word which we call MS Word or Word.

What is the difference between Word Processing and Word Processor?

Word Processing is when you take information someone has sent/given to you and create a document using one of the above programs. You are word processing the information.

Word Processor is the program used to create a typed document, the most commonly known one being Microsoft Word – although there are many more and many better ones.

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Offline Word Processing Software



Microsoft Word



Online Word Processor Software

If your computer does not have a word processor installed then you can use an online word processor for this you need internet. Major online word processors are:

Google Docs

Zoho Writer

Microsoft Word

What is Word Processing Software used for?

We use word processing software for our different uses which are as follows –

1. Creation of Document

2. Formatting of Document

3. Editing of Document

4. Printing of Document

5. Editing of Document

6. Saving of Document

Creation of Document

Creating document syntax, spaces, paragraphs, etc. Can be created rapidly without worrying about shortcomings. Editing of the document is also done while reading it later.

Formatting of Document

Before creating the document it is necessary to set the page length, left-right up-down, tab set to present the information in the desired format. The facility to modify the structure of the document should be available in the word processing package.

Editing of Document

The most important aspect of the program is editing. Some important features are the center of the text, the speed of the text, the search for the text and the splitting of the text, deleting or adding blocks of text, etc. These facilities are not available on normal typewriters.

Printing of Document

After editing the document, on finalization copies of the document can be taken out in full or as desired.

Saving of Document

It’s important to save your document whenever you start a new project or make changes to an existing one. You also need to pay close attention to where you save the document so that it will be easier to find later.

Characteristics of Word Processing

Following are the main features of word processing which are as follows:


With the help of word processing, we can edit any document very easily.

Text Formatting

By formatting the written text very easily as per your requirement you can make it Bold, Italic, Underline.

Copying, Cutting, and Pasting

You can easily move, cut or copy any text from any part of the document.

Page Setup

You can set up the page as per your requirement. The size of the page can be orientated very easily.

Page Margin

You can organize the margin of the page.

Headers and footers

You can also set the Headers and Footers of any document very easily.

Multiple windows

When working on a document you have the option of comparing or moving text between documents with other documents very easily.


To avoid mistakes we also get the option of autocorrect in it.

Spelling and Grammar Check

You can check the spelling and grammar of any word and there is also a facility to improve it.

Mail Merge

Using Mail Merge letter can be easily created with multiple names.

How to Open a Word Processing File?

How can we open a word processing file, this work depends on the type of word processor software that created the file.

But today, most word processors are capable of opening all kinds of files, for example, a file named “example.doc” created in Microsoft Word.

But we can also open this file in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice or upload it to Google Docs and can also view and edit it online.

What are the software package of Word Processing?

There are many software packages available for word processing that work in different operating systems. for example:

1.  DOS Environment

a.) Softword

b.) Word Star

c.) Word Perfect

2. Unix & Linux Environment

a.) Softword

b.) iWord

c.) MS Word

d.) Word Perfect

3. Windows Environment

a.) MS Word

b.) Word Perfect

Out of this processing software available in the above environments. In this, we will get information about the Word processing software based only on the environment and use the features available in this software to see their effect in our document.

Features Available in iWORD

Following facilities are available in iWORD software.

1.) iWORD provides the convenience of creating, storing, printing, maintaining, and editing your articles through its No File Menu. You can access these features either through the ‘No File Menu‘ or the sub-menu available in it. It has all the features which are available in all other word processors.

2.) Certain formatting is not available through the menu. That we can also improve the presentation of documents by using dot commands.

3.) iWord also allows you to print multiple documents by combining them.

4.) You open more than one document at a time in the world through different windows and easily move from one document to another or cut part of one document to another document. You can also add or copy one document and add it to another document.

5.) iWORD is available in the multi-user environment and more than one person can open a document at the same time but editing or saving the document can be done by only one user at a time.

Instructions Available in No File Menu of iWORD

No File Menu have been divided into four parts which are as follows:

1.) File Menu

In which you can open the file in Document, Non Document mode with the instructions available.

2.) Miscelleaious Menu

You can give instructions to Unix from the instructions available in it. You can view the file by printing it, changing the directory, and showing or hiding the list.

3.) Other Menu

By the instructions provided in it, you can copy any available file. You can rename the file and delete the file.

4.) File Generator Instructions

Listing of documents in these instructions (Indexing), editing of documents made in other operating systems, conversion dictionary, etc. These facilities are available.

Word Processor Keys Features

We can easily make any kind of change in the written text, it can also be bold, italic, and underlined and we can copy or move the text from any part of our document.

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