If you use a computer then at some point in time a question must have come to your mind what is Bit? what are 32bit and 64bit CPUs? And what is the difference between 64bit & 32bit? And the question would also come that which one is better 32bit or 64bit?

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about what is 32bit and 64bit in detail. If you install Windows on a computer or laptop, he asked which version do you want to install 32bit or 64bit?

If you do not know the exact difference between these two there is a problem with the installation. which one should you install and which one is right for your PC?

So first of all, when we buy a computer the processor comes with it. Now the processor was either 32bit or 64bit.

Now if we take only processors then our work will not be done, for that, we have to put an operating system like windows in the computer. So according to 32bit and 64bit processors, the operating system also came 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

I will try my best through this post, you can get all the information about 32bit and 64bit.

What is Bit?

So before understanding about 32 Bit and 64 Bit, we need to know Bit. So first of all let us understand what is Bit?

You must have heard somewhere that a computer runs or works on Binary Language. Binary language works only according to 0 and 1 digits. If simply said, whatever work the computer does and whatever information and data it saves, it does it according to the digits of 0 and 1.

This means that the data in the computer is stored in the form of 0 and 1. We define this as 0 or 1 by Bit. If you want to know more things related to Bit then you can find it on Google Wikipedia.

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What is 32bit and 64bit CPU?

32bit and 64bit are both versions of computer processors earlier you used to get only 32bit processors but now you also get 64bit processors.

Earlier when Intel used 32bit processors such as Intel core solo, Intel core duo.

But later Intel’s processors came 64bit such as Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i6, etc.

Now we will know these two processors in different ways.

What is 32bit computer?

This processor was used more in 1990. At that time Intel Pentium processor was very famous and people used this processor most of the time.

Later AMD brought 32bit processors, the work of 32bit and 64bit processors is the same. But there is some limit in 32bit. In a 32bit process, or you can use only 4GB RAM, it will not support more than that.

If you use a 32bit Processor then you have to use 32bit software on your PC, Drivers otherwise it will not work.

Previously all the operating systems of Windows were mostly used 32bit such as Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows XP.

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What is 64bit computer?

The work of 64bit and 32bit is the same. I have already been told that there is some limit in the processor of 32bit, in the same way, there are limits in the processor of 64bit, but more space is available in it.

For example, In a 32bit processor, you can use more than 4GB of RAM, but in a 64bit processor, you can use up to 8 TB of RAM.

If you use 4G RAM in a 32bit computer then many things will not support it. But if you use 64bit then your processor will also run faster and you will not have any problem.

What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit?

There are many differences between 32bit and 64bit, you already know about most of the differences in what we have told above, but there is some other difference between 32bit and 64bit which is mentioned below. Read all these points carefully, it will be very useful for you.

1. The security of 64bit computers is stronger than 32bit, Kernel Patch Protection of 64bit is stronger than 32bit.

2. On a 64bit processor both 32bit or 64bit Windows versions can be installed, but 64bit Windows will not support in 32bit Processor, only 32bit will be installed in it.

3. In 64bit most of the 32bit software is supported, but in 32bit only and only 32bit software is supported. if you have a 32bit processor installed on your computer then you have to download only 32bit software on your computer, otherwise, it will not be installed, but if you have 64bit then it does not matter you can also install 32bit software in 64 bit.

4. Runs in 32bit Processor x86 and 64bit Processor x64 Speed, when you go to install Windows then your 32bit and 64bit will not show, It will only show x64 or x86.

5. Supports 512 MB to 4GB RAM for 32bit computers, Supports up to 4GB RAM for 64bit computers. For information, let us tell you that a 64bit processor supports 8TB.

Which one is better 32bit or 64bit?

Do you know what is 32bit and 64bit and what is the difference between them? And maybe now you have thought about which might be best or better for you and which Windows you should install.

So let me tell you that if the RAM on your computer is less than 4GB that means 2GB, 3GB then install 32bit in your computer. If the RAM in your computer or laptop is above 4GB such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB then you should install 64bit Windows in it, because this will make your computer work properly and will also work fast.

How to know how many bit is your Computer or Laptop?

If you want to find out how many bits are in your computer. It is very easy to find out how many bits are in the computer, just right-click on the mouse then click on Properties, you will get to see the bits on your computer.

What did you learn today?

So friends you must have known everything about what is Bit? what are 32bit and 64bit? What is the difference between 64bit & 32bit? which one is better 32bit or 64bit? When and why is it used? I hope that you liked this article and you must have understood all the things told by us. If you still have any kind of question in your mind then you can ask us by commenting.

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