Following the Digital India Revolution, the government is now embarking on the WiFi Revolution. The Internet has become a very important necessity in today’s era. Therefore, the government will provide WiFi facilities to the citizens of the country. For which ‘PM WANI Scheme‘ has been started by the government. Through this article, we are going to provide you with all the important information related to this scheme. What is PM WANI Scheme? its benefits, purpose, features, eligibility, important documents, the application process, etc.

About PM WANI Scheme

Pradhan Mantri WiFi Access Network Initiative (PM WANI Scheme) has been started by the Chief Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi. Through this scheme, the facility of Wifi in all public places will be made available by the government. This facility will be free. There will be a large-scale WiFi revolution in the country through PM WANI Scheme. This program will benefit both the firm and the individual. PM WANI Scheme would also increase employment chances.

PM WANI Scheme 5000 WiFi Hotspots Will Be Made in Delhi

In December 2020, PM WANI Scheme was approved by the government. Through this scheme connectivity, options, and digital access will be improved. Wifi hotspots will be deployed on a large scale for improvement. These Wifi networks will be provided across the country. To install these, there is no need to obtain a license, register, or pay an application fee. Broadband services will be provided at 20 locations in Delhi by three MCDs under PM WANI Scheme in the capital of Delhi. For this, 20 people will be selected from each ward by the councilor of the area. This information is provided by the official of MCD. These 20 people will be small shopkeepers who will buy a Wifi router and install it.

Northern Corporation of Delhi ranks first in the implementation of the plan

PM WANI Scheme was started to provide internet facilities across the country. Hotspots are being set up in the North, South, and East Municipal Corporations of Delhi as part of this initiative to give internet at low rates for Wifi services. Internet access can be made available to the general public at a low cost through these hotspots. After an internet connection is provided, Delhi students will be able to take online lessons. In all three corporations, work is in full flow. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation is the first to start working on this project.

. Work is being done to set up WiFi hotspots in 90 wards of 104 corporation wards in North Corporation of Delhi. Hotspots will be set up at more than 1800 places in these wards. For which the identification work has been started.

. Internet service has also been started at all these 850 places. Now about 30000 to 40000 citizens of Delhi will get cheap and accessible internet. Dakshin Nigam is second in the implementation of this scheme.

. So far, work is going on at 1000 sites in 65 wards out of 104 wards in South Corporation. Out of these 1000 places, people are getting internet facilities at 500 places. Work is also being done under this scheme in East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

PM WANI Scheme Expenditure (Delhi)

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi will spend Rs 4720 to set up a gadget under the PM WANI Scheme. This budget also provides a Rs 1000 incentive for each beneficiary. This incentive money will only be given to them if they promote the scheme. Approximately 5000 routers will be put throughout Delhi’s 272 wards as part of this initiative. Each router will cost roughly Rs 3000. The PM WANI Scheme will provide internet access to youngsters from low-income families. So that it will assist them in their studies. Along with this, arrangements will be taken to ensure that individuals are informed about all government programs. For which digital channels will be created. South MCD has about 104 wards. In which there are a total of 2080 beneficiaries. About Rs 98 lakh will be spent under this scheme in South MCD.

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Free Wifi WANI Scheme Implementation (PM WANI Scheme)

Public Data Centers will be opened all over India for the successful implementation of the PM WANI Scheme. For which there will be no license fee or registration. Free Wifi WANI Scheme will prove to be a historic scheme. The scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 9th December 2020. Small shopkeepers will also get WiFi service through this scheme. So that their income will increase. This strategy will guarantee continuous internet connectivity.

Key Highlights of the PM WANI Scheme

Name of the Scheme: PM WANI Scheme
Launched by: The Government of India
Beneficiary: Citizen of India
Purpose: To provide Wifi facility in public places
Year: 2022

PM WANI Scheme Registration

No license is required to open Public Data Office under PM WANI Scheme. The registration process should be completed within 7 days of application. In today’s meeting, the cabinet has also approved the provision of submarine optical fiber cable connectivity between the mainland and Lakshya Deep Group.

Purpose of Free Wifi WANI Scheme

The main objective of the PM WANI Scheme is to provide Wifi facilities in all public places. Through this scheme now every citizen of the whole country can be connected to the internet. So that they will get many facilities. It will also be easy to do business through this scheme. So that the income of the people will increase and the lifestyle will improve. The government has launched the PM WANI Scheme in response to the growing demand for internet access. Through this scheme, every citizen of the country will be able to take advantage of internet facilities. One of the objectives of this scheme is also to promote Digital India.

Prime Minister WANI Scheme Public Data Office

Public data offices will be established under this concept to provide internet access and a public WiFi network will be provided by the Public Data Office. These public data offices will be located around the United States. The third party will design a downloadable app that the user may download and register for after which he can connect to the nearby WiFi network.

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Benefits and Features of the PM WANI Scheme

. Through PM WANI Scheme, a Wifi facility will be made available in all public places in the country.

. This scheme is also known as Prime Minister WiFi Access Network Initiative.

. Under PM WANI Scheme, the Wifi facility will be free.

. The business will be promoted through this scheme, which will increase income and improve lifestyle.

. Employment opportunities will increase through PM WANI Scheme.

. Public data centers will be opened all over the country for the implementation of this scheme.

. There will also be no application fee or registration for opening a public data center.

. The scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 9th December 2020.

. Continuous internet connectivity will be ensured through PM WANI Scheme.

Procedure to apply under PM WANI Scheme

If you wish to apply for the PM WANI Scheme, you will have to wait for a while. The administration has only recently launched this scheme. The application method for the PM Free Wifi WANI Scheme will be announced soon. The government will launch the procedure for applying under the PM WANI Scheme as soon as it is ready. We have to tell you through this article. Please remember to return to this page to read the rest of our story.

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